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Welcome to the LaunchToday™ documentation! Here, you will find essential information on the React Native boilerplate, including guidance on getting started, explanations of integrations, best practices, and resources to assist you in building your app.

Quick Recap

LaunchToday™ is a React Native boilerplate app designed to help developers build and launch their mobile apps fast. It shifts the focus away from extensive setup, incorporating practical features such as payment processing, data manipulation in a database, tracking user behavior for product decisions and monitoring the health of your app. You can purchase the starter pack here (opens in a new tab).

This boilerplate is divided into two GitHub repositories. The first contains the entire React Native app code providing examples for integrations including Supabase, Stripe, RevenueCat, Sentry and Aptabase for analytics.

The second repository serves as a backend API service that the mobile app interacts with. Currently, it supports a payment creation endpoint for Stripe with plans to expand and include more features over time.

The first step is to setup the React Native app which is the next section of this documentation.