Setting up RevenueCat


Create RevenueCat account and project

Head over to RevenueCat (opens in a new tab) and create your account. Once complete, you should be able to create a new project. Give your project a name and click create project:

Once your project is created, we're interested in setting up two apps: one for iOS and the other for Android. Let's begin with the former first. Click App Store and add:

  1. an app name (this is the name of your app that will be published)
  2. the App Bundle ID (you can find this in the app.json under bundleIdentifier of the boilerplate)
  3. the App Store Connect App-Specific Shared Secret (follow the instructions carefully here (opens in a new tab))

Upon adding the app name, bundle ID and the secret, click save changes on the top right. You will then be presented with the option to set the in-app purchase key configuration and the App Store Connect API. Follow the links provided on how to add the keys:

The next steps will cover creating in-app purchases and subscriptions in App Store Connect.